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Our History

The owner of Mega Storage facilities is a native of Murrell Inlet and was instrumental in bringing the storage business to the forefront of meeting the needs of the community. He purchased Mega Storage on Highway 544 in 1999. In seeing what customers wanted and needed he wanted to expand and in the early 2000’s he built a state of the art facility in Murrells Inlet. It has cameras monitoring 24 hours a day for better security, and climate and non-climate storage rooms. In all locations he added a retail business, selling materials for packing and moving supplies to further assist in customer’s needs.

In 2013 Pawley’s Island was being built and opened in 2014, being a one of a kind facility with larger rooms to accommodate most needs of the customer, also with 24 hour surveillance. All locations accept commercial and residential needs. The staff he has are knowledgeable and customer friendly, and will assist you in any way they can. That’s why the motto is “Your Hometown Storage Facilities





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